Saturday, June 10

Your Garden

Gardening is relaxing. As I water, prune and admire my plants, it gives me an opportunity to simply slow down and ponder on just about anything. Today, as I was pulling the dead leaves off of my pansies, I realized this is a painstaking process. When I remove the tattered, withered leaves, I have to be careful and not harm the vibrant leaves. It is impossible to rush through this process, it definitely takes time. The end result is seeing a majestic plant free from dingy, brown leaves and lifeless, colorless flowers. After I complete this task, sure the flower box looks a little empty. My gratitude comes when I return the next week and behold new growth!

Repentance is much the same way. No, repentance cannot be done once a week, you must repent daily. It takes time to search your heart and remove bitterness, envy, bad attitudes, but by repenting you allow the Lord to plant new seed. It is through repentance that you gain fertile ground. Without repentance, a bad attitude can fester into a habit of habitual wrong doing. A pang of envy against a fellow saint can turn into jealousy. Jealousy will then ruin any chance of friendship that you may have experienced.

Every individual battles different situations, but I have found that it is best to take time and address what is bothering you before it festers out of control. If you take time to examine your emotions and the various situations in your life, you will definitely find areas where you can make a change. By going through this simple process, your life is enriched, and the end result is worth it all!