Friday, June 10

Supernatural by Sheldon Pryor

The other night before going to bed Sheldon told me that he was going to write stories during the summer. Here's his first creative writing story


It was August 18, 1945, when the Nazis attacked my village. They destroyed everything leaving only trails of blood. My friend was forced to go to a concentration camp. After that day, everything changed. It was peaceful before the Nazi invaders attacked are small, village. We lived a peaceful life. But then news had reached that the Germans had conquered France. And then well… they attacked. We cried in fear as we heard the ring of a rifle being shot. My father rushed out of the house with his M-1. We fought back, but our attempts to protect the village were to no avail. My mother screamed as tears flowed down her pale cheeks at the sight of the Nazis killing the residents of Landsmeer.

The Germans had already breached the walls of our village. My mother said to me, “We must pray. It is the only thing to do.” I cried to God, “Lord don’t let us die like this; send your mighty army of angels, anything!” Suddenly the wind picked up speed as mighty angels with flowing white garments and glowing double edged sword appeared. We heard a knock on our door. We opened to see one of these mighty angles of the Lord. The angel said, “God hath sent us to save his chosen ones. He hath said no man shall harm my people.” Suddenly we heard loud hoarse screams, but this time it was the Germans. The ground suddenly cracked with a loud sound and the Nazis were engulfed in fire. There were cheers from the beaten people of Landsmeer.

Two years later the war had arisen to a bloody massacre of Germans and Americans. When I was finally old enough to join the army, I enlisted in the 46th regiment. That day our commander John Higgins told us we were going to take part in the freeing of France. It was a cold morning with a light drizzle. I awoke to the sound of large vehicles and hoorahs. I soon realized today was the day we were to head to France. I arose, put on my uniform, and grabbed my mp 40. As I boarded jeep number 7, the Captain shouted, “Hoorah!”

We were riding along a winding dusty road when suddenly the Captain shouted, “Get down!” Immediately mortars started to fire at us we were hit by one and it totaled our jeep. I was knocked out and awoke in the middle of a battle. I was next to Captain and he said to me, “Son, are you alright?” I replied, “Yes sir, I’m fine. Where is my gun?” He shouted back, “By the jeep.” He told me to stay down until I could find a gun. I found a wounded soldier and asked for his gun. He replied, “Yah, may God be with you.” I joined the rest of my regiment at the base of a hill. The commander shouted, “This is your time. This is what you’ve been preparing for. Make America proud boys and God speed to you all.” Finally, the order came, “Charge!!” Cries of fury and fear arose as we ran up the hill. When we reached the top, immediately soldiers were getting shot--falling like dominoes. But we just kept running. Suddenly we were trapped in a cemetery about 50 ft wide give or take. The Germans had surrounded us. There was no way out. Sadly, only a couple of handfuls of soldiers survived the charge. I remembered what my momma always said when there is nothing you can do pray. I prayed the same prayer I prayed in Landsmeer. God send your mighty army of angels. Again the wind picked up to speeds like of a tornado and thousands upon thousands of angels appeared in white garments holding double edged swords. Suddenly, Germans started falling all around us. I shouted, “Let it be known to all men God hath sent his mighty angels to protect us. God is with us!”

It was that day that I soon realized God was keeping his hand of protection upon me and my fellow soldiers. One evening around our campfire I said to the Commander remember that one time when we were surrounded by Germans and suddenly they just started to fall. Well, that wasn’t by accident. God was with us. I saw a look of confusion upon his face. I decided to quote Deuteronomy 6:4, “Here O’ Israel the Lord Our God is one Lord.” Since that one evening my Commander decided to believe in God. One night he asked me, “How come we can’t see God?” I replied, “That is a strange question you might ask; I really do not know. All I know is it’s all about faith. I asked him when you sit in a chair, do you check to make sure it will hold you?” He replied, “Well… no. I replied, “So then even though you don’t know if the chair will hold you, you sit down. It’s just like believing in God. You don’t know if he’s real but you still believe in Him.” He said, “I get it now.”

Before I went to bed that night I prayed to God. Lord wherever my friend is help me to find him and save him from the harsh concentration camp. On our daily patrols the next day, we saw a small prison like place. Immediately I knew what it was it was a concentration camp! I ran back to camp shouting, “I found a concentration camp.” We decided we would attack it at night when it is dark and we can move around more with a better chance of not being seen. When the clock struck 12:00, we attacked. At first they didn’t know what was going on, but then they fought back. It was 9:00 in the morning before the Germans surrendered. We had conquered Concentration Camp 5! As we searched through the camp to find the survivors I saw my friend. He was skinnier then I remembered and very dirty. But I knew it was him.
After we had finally conquered France, I retired from the army with a medal of honor for rescuing the prisoners from the concentration camp. I had decided to share my knowledge of God to many others and become a Pastor. And later I had a family.

The moral of the story is though we can’t physically see God with the human eye, we can sense his presence with our spiritual eye. Follow the right path and you will do just fine.