Monday, May 23

Be A Rose

"Be a rose which gives fragrance even to those who crushes it." ~ Author Unknown

Wrote this quote as a status update on Facebook and received a response stating, "Sometimes this is hard to do." No, denying that statement.

The rose, God's perfect, delicate flower. The rose called Double Delight is perhaps one of the most fragrant roses. Not only is the fragrance intently delightful, the colors are beautiful. Hence, Double delight: fragrance and beauty in one elegant rose.
What causes one to be fragrant? In the simplest, yet profound way, you can smile and give one a hug. You can listen to someone that wants to talk. You can go out for a cup of coffee with a friend or wipe a tear that gingerly rolls down someone's cheek.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, no matter how kind you are there will be someone who simply rejects you, who tires to make you feel less than your true self. Such an individual constantly looks for faults and speaks relentless, critical words; hence, the "crusher of the rose."

Never allow the "crusher" to define who you are and remember that God's opinion is what matters for He sees your heart. Further, you are not responsible for what others say about you or how they treat you, but you are responsible for your actions. Never stoop to their level and pick up a stone to cast, but rather pray about the situation and ask God to give you more love and compassion. Ask God to help you to remain "pleasing in His sight." "For the Lord rewards every man for his righteousness and his faithfulness . . .. (1 Sam. 26:23)