Thursday, September 27

Our Family Vacation

Mark Relaxing
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It is now 11:20 a.m. and Sheldon is still fast a sleep. My wonderful husband made sure my computer was ready to go. So, I am taking advantage of this down time. In all honesty, I have not sat down at my computer for six days. I guess you can say I am slowly re-entering my world. Also, I do not want to disturb Sheldon's restful sleep. We still have some school work to complete, but for now, I'll let him continue to slumber in his dream world. Even though he is fast asleep, he was laughing! This of course made me laugh. I wonder what he is dreaming about? Our plan for today will start off with a paddle boat ride on the lake. Sheldon has already chosen the swan. I believe the swan reminds him of Luis. Luis is the brave swan in the Trumpet of the Swan. Sheldon has chosen this book for his first book report!

We have had a fantastic family vacation. I am sure all of us will have our favorites places or memories that make us smile. For me, my favorite place was the Epcot Center. I enjoyed the various exhibitions and then traveling vicariously around the world. At Disney Quest, sailing on the imaginery pirate ship was very fun and exciting. We were sinking pirate ships and winning treasure chests filled with gold and jewels! Mark designed a roller coaster that was rated a five, and we actually rode it. Talk about thrilling! I will always remember this family vacation.

To the Pentecostals of OC, thanks for making this vacation possible. Mark and Sheldon thanks for the great memories and making me smile. I love you!

Tuesday, September 18

A Great Big Thank You!

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Where do I begin? We just celebrated our second year anniversary! I cannot believe that it has been two years. Each year, the church has honored us with a presentation, and this year was no exception. We received a gift card to a new restaurant here in town as well as a trip to General Conference! We will be leaving on Friday and flying to Oralando, Florida.

To the church family, I just want to again say, "Thank You!" You are the best family! God has great miracles in store for each of you.

Friday, September 14

Love Your Sisters

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Sisters are priceless. Here all of us just hanging out at the beach!

Friday, September 7

Happy Birthday, Sheldon!

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Today is a very special day--Sheldon's birthday!!! Like any mom, I can vividly recall the day I first held my nine and a half pound, 21-1/2 inch baby boy. Now, eight years later, he still amazes me.

Sheldon, happy birthday. I love you!