Saturday, September 27

Thank You For All You Do

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"It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart."

Wow, three years already! Thank you everyone for a wonderful, relaxing evening. Pastor and I had an exquisite time on our dinner cruise. We talked, laughed and enjoyed this momentous occasion. All of you are so thoughtful, and we appreciate everything you did to make this dinner cruise a reality. We are blessed to pastor such a caring group of people. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God is great, and we are looking forward to sharing many more wonderful years together. So, lets march on!

P.S. And a special thank you to the Peavey Family for taking care of Sheldon.

Saturday, September 20


Sheldon Wall Climbing
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"This is the kind of courage your son needs: the courage to continue to do what is right even when all of those around him are calling him to compromise." (Taken from the book, That's My Son by Rick Johnson)

"Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall, but by those who fought, fell and rose again." Courage is a trait that sometimes cannot be taught, but rather it is experienced and developed through various circumstances one encounters. Courage is your willingness to face a challenge even when you are intimidated by it. Courage is what motivates you to move forward. Face every situation with an "I can do attitude" and you will always triumph over what is troubling you for you are courageous!

P.S. My disclaimer: I use my son's pictures because they are what I have the most of in our album! LOL

Monday, September 8

A Walk On The Beach

A Walk On The Beach

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Mark designed this page, and I thought I would share it. "The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone." I am thankful that I never really walk alone because I have a Friend who is with me always.

Saturday, September 6

Happy Birthday, Sheldon!

Sheldon @ Balboa Pier

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The story begins: Babe, I just want you to know that I almost fainted today. It was the weirdest feeling.

At that precise moment, we both knew that I was expecting our first child. I remember the very first time Daddy and me heard your heart beat; time stood still. We both had tear in our eyes. I remember the ultrasound when we were given the first glimpse of YOU. I remember standing in church, and you kicked! At first I thought I was imagining it. I guess you wanted me to acknowledge you; you kicked once more. I pushed back, and you kicked once again. Amazing! Those tiny little kicks and turns continued, and I never wanted those special bonding moments to end. Time marched on, and on September 7, 1999 you made your grand entrance into this world weighing in at 9 pounds 10 ounces; 21 inches long! I remember hearing your first cry, and I knew that all was well; you were here and I was given a new title, Mom.

When I first held you, I could not stop gazing and thinking how much you looked like your daddy! It was then that a natural-motherly instinct engulfed me, and I was head over hills in love with you! You are my sunshine, and you make me smile. You bring much laughter and joy into our lives.

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY, SHELDON! Daddy and I are so proud of you. You meet every challenge with such determination. You are a passionate child who loves serving the Lord. You are a superb son and great example to others. We love you! Wishing you a grand, wonderful day filled with many sweet memories.
>Love, Mom

Friday, September 5



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Yeah, it is Friday, and I absolutely enjoy Friday evenings because I can stay awake until late in the evening. I do not feel the pressure of waking up early. If I choose to, which I did, I can clean house or simply let it wait until another day. More importantly, I can talk and talk some more with my sweet, wonderful husband. After our lengthy conversation, I started thinking about walking and read the following quote to Mark, "Great thoughts are conceived while walking." So, he is out walking and I am blogging. I have a feeling he will come back with a greater thought and perhaps a message to preach on Sunday.

Here are a few quotes that I like concerning walking:

“Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”- Albert Camus

The longest journey begins with a single step.
Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching

"Remember that on average, every minute you are walking can extend your life by 1.5 to 2 minutes! So enjoy your walking." Enjoy your journey and remember to take time to walk!

Monday, September 1

Laughter Will Always Brighten Your Day


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The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. (~e.e. cummings)

Laugh, laugh and laugh some more because laughter will always make you feel better. Better yet, laugh with someone so you can experience a fun-filled moment together. Take time to laugh and you will have a more joyous day!