Monday, December 13

My 7:16 a.m. Morning

Momma said there'd be days like this. True words for this Monday morning. Here's how it rolled:

Monday December 13, 2010, was going to be a busy day at work. Motions to file. "Motion days" oftentimes stress me out especially if it falls on a Monday because I am usually lacking energy.

The plan: prayer and more prayer. All weekend I have prayed, Lord please give me strength to make it through this day. Please help me to keep the right attitude and not be grouchy. I know surprise, I used the word "grouchy."

Sunday night I failed to set my alarm thinking and knowing that Sheldon would set his. No worries there until I tried to read the blurry numbers on the clock, 7:16 a.m. Not a good thing; jump out of bed and realize that it is true, we have overslept. On such a morning as this, usually it would be a flurry of rushing around like a crazy lady. Thankful that all was calm. Told Sheldon hey we are running late. He had 15 minutes to get ready! He left the house on time. And even though I wanted skip my morning run, I knew I needed that extra boost of energy. So I ran, felt much better about life, prayed and headed to work.

Thankful for prayer. God cares about the little things in life and He has blessed this day. What started at as a frantic morning, is really a lovely day. The motions still need to be filed but thankful for joy and peace. My friend Donna asked, "how is it going?" My response, "Great. And glad to say that I'm in a good mood." Attitude is everything. Without prayer, I know this could day could have been a disaster. Recipe for a busy morning: Prayer and keeping the right attitude.