Thursday, August 24

The Rose

The majestic beauty of a rose is priceless. When God designed the rose, He must have known just how much mankind would appreciate its innate beauty. Roses are appropriate for many occasion. Whether a rose is bestowed as an act of love or a kind gift of gratitude, it is symbolic of tranquility and thoughtfulness. A rose is not grown overnight. Each petal must gingerly unfold day by day. Once the bud blooms, it is wonderful to observe the pureness of the rose.

Where am I going with this thought? I don't actually know. However, I can remember a time when my pastor spoke these words to me, "Like a rose, you must let God unfold your life." At that time, I had no idea what path that I would travel down, but God knew, and He has been faithful. God continues to unfold the rose, and each rose in my life is different. It is symbolic of every victory I have ever experienced. I cannot afford to become withered, overburdened, or useless in the Master's hand. I must strive to be more like Him.

I am thankful to be traveling down this journey of my life. As a pastor's wife, I have endeavored to give it my very best. I have a wonderful husband who guides me and encourages me along the way, a son who brings laughter and joy to my life, a church family who is awesome, family and friends who provide words of inspiration!

I'll end with this, "When God unfolds the rose, he always gets it right!"