Wednesday, June 30

Bike-A-Thon 2010
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"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart." - Kathleen Grove

Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day

mom dad and sheldon ~ 1st Christmas
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Happy Father's Day! One of God's greatest gifts is a loving, caring Dad. I'll never forget the day we first heard Sheldon's heart beat. We both looked at each other and tears came to our eyes. At that precise moment, we knew we were embarking on an exciting journey called parenthood.

September 7, 1999, at 7:32 a.m., I remember seeing you hold Sheldon for the first time. I'll never forget that special moment. The first night, you were the one to feed Sheldon as I was too groggy on the medication. Again, I marveled at your natural ability to love your son. Then, there was the second day when the nurse brought Sheldon to us and we noticed band aids on his heel. The doctor told us that they were running tests to rule out an infection. The look on the doctor's face was enough to let us know that something serious was going on. I remember as we stood near the window holding Sheldon and praying over him. After a short while, it was time for Sheldon to be examined and when he was returned to us he was wearing a heart monitor. Thankfully, all turned out well and we were finally able to go home.

Whatever situation you face, you always take time to pray. Your faith in God amazes me. You are a prayer warrior. You set a Godly example for Sheldon to follow, and we are thankful for such a marvelous, caring Dad. Thank you for all the time you spend with us. We love you!
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Friday, June 11

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In reading over Sheldon's work I found a story called I Am:

I am funny and kind;
I wonder about what it would be like to be famous;
I hear a woodpecker pecking at a tree;
I see a flower blooming in the spring;
I want to be able to drive a car;
I am funny and kind;

I pretend to be a person who jumps off really tall places in the water;
I feel happy about giving and receiving gifts;
I touch a silver laptop;
I cry when I get a bad grade;
I am funny and kind;

I understand I wear glasses;
I say don't worry be happy;
I dream of being a secret agent that works for the U.S. Government;
I try to draw things that I see;
I hope to stay an only child;
I am funny and kind.