Thursday, February 3

Life Lesson On Compliments

Always enjoy those special moments when Sheldon shares something significant concerning his day. Each day I will call and ask how his day went or sometimes I will ask while we are driving to dinner. Regardless, his answers to my questions are usually short quips such as as good, no test tomorrow, no I don't have any homework. The highlights of his day are not usually spoken until we are ready for bed. Then it is as if a light goes on and he suddenly, much to my enjoyment, wants to talk about his day.

He proceeded to tell me about a compliment he received. He was really excited. He said that a friend of his challenged him to race and Sheldon won. The friend then said, "You run fast." Sheldon responded, "Thanks and so do you!" While I was excited to hear about his race, I was also proud of him for returning a compliment.

Robert Orben states, "A compliment is verbal sunshine." Compliments whether big or small bring much happiness and everyone likes a compliment!

A life lesson: daily take time to compliment someone. Wanting to give a compliment and refraining from doing it is missing out on a moment to bring happiness to someone.