Thursday, April 21


I enjoy taking my son to the park. I marvel at how easily he makes friends. He’ll go up to a possible playmate and simply ask, “Do you want to play?” The answer is yes, and they go on to the playground and proceed to have fun like only children can. They may be navigating a ship through a turbulent storm or simply playing a game of tag, but they are having a great time because they are FRIENDS.

To all my friends, I want to say, “Thank you for being there for me. All of you are awesome!" Even though I cannot speak to all of my friends on a daily basis, I am thankful for a Friend who is always with me, and His name is Jesus. When you stop to consider just how incredible it is to say, “Jesus is my Friend,” you can’t help but to smile. Israel Houghton’s song, “Friend of God” gently reminds me of how blessed we are to be able to call God a friend. More importantly, God call’s us His friend. (James 2:23: And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the
Friend of God.)

Sunday, April 17

You Can Do All Things

It was high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Let this quote encourage and motivate someone to take the challenge and plunge into the “task” you believe you cannot accomplish. Perhaps you are considering going to college but fear that you will fail. Go to college! Maybe you have been offered a job promotion and you are about to turn it down because you do not believe that you can adequately fill the position. Take the job promotion! Whatever you fear, it is time to let go of the fear that is binding you and take to heart that you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you. (Phil. 4:13)

Friday, April 15

Stepping Out

The following is a quote taken from the commendable book, God’s Leading Lady, by T.D. Jakes: “When you focus on yourself and your self-perceived imperfections, you get trapped in a dark, miserable world where nothing is good. You lose sight of God’s great magnificence, the awesome light that shines through you and the rest of the world. You become so intent on what is wrong and how to fix it, that the rest of life just slips away. Don’t become paralyzed with a critical spirit, a perfectionism that’s unattainable, or a cynicism based on what you see from your limited view.”

It is essential to step out of the arena of “poor me, pity me” and get on with your day. Too often we try to focus on ourselves and look inward for the answer, when God is trying to show us the way. God wants us to look beyond our “limited view” and what we see this very moment and to begin to dream of a brighter day. God wants us to forget what happened yesterday and realize that today, right this very moment, is a day of celebration. A day without blemish, it’s a new page without any lines written. How are you going to write upon this page of your life? It’s time to shake off the shackles that are limiting you and fervently allow God to reign in your life!

Wednesday, April 13

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