Monday, March 27

Happy Anniversary!

I am blessed to be married to the most MARVELOUS man in all of the world. I am blessed to have a remarkable husband. Mark is my best friend, and I am his biggest fan! We just celebrated 12 wonderful years of marriage. Thank you, Babe, for your faithful love and support. There have been many times that I have leaned on you, and you have never let me down. Your faith still amazes me. I love you!! You have greatly enriched my life. Because of you, my days are filled with joy! I have many fond memories, and look forward to what the future holds for us! I love you!

Follow-up to One More Chance

Just have to say that my plant is a survivor. It has survived a great fall, but it has come back victoriously. Amazingly, it now has a white bloom to remind me once again of grace. The moral, even when someone has failed, there is always room for rejuvenation. The crestfallen individual, with a great deal of care, can once again be a vessel of honor in the Master's hands. We have a responsibility to restore those who, for a season, have been defeated. There is always hope for someone who is willing to get back up and try again!

Words are Powerful

"Always think of the power words have. Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions!
Therefore: ALWAYS be....POSITIVE!" Let your conversation always be seasoned with good will.

Saturday, March 18

One More Chance

Today as I was watering my plants, I noticed that one of my potted plants was missing. I just happened to look behind the fence, and much to my surprise there was my plant! Mark put Sheldon behind the fence, and he was able to retrieve the plant. By this time, the neglected plant looked pathetic. There were no vibrant blooms, and the tattered, withered leaves were wilted. My first thought was to simply toss it and put a new plant in the pot. However, I just did not have the heart to up root it and throw it away. I was willing to give the plant one more opportunity to survive because I knew what it once looked like. I was saddened by the condition that I found it in. However, I now have hope that in the upcoming weeks, it will thrive once again. There is potential for this plant to grow, but I will definitely have to give it some tender, loving care. I will not lose hope.

I realize I am writing about a simple plant, but could it be that we as Christians are too quick to give up on people who have lost their way. We need to have more compassion for people who have failed. No one is perfect; therefore, we cannot become critical and judgmental. We need to allow our Heavenly Father to gingerly reshape and mold every person's life. Thankfully, many churches are full of people who were once downtrodden, but now they are greatly used by the Lord. Thank God for compassionate pastors who are willing to invest their energy and time into people who have lost their way. We must always be willing to give every person who walks through the church doors a second chance to make a commitment and thrive once again. The Bible boldly states, "Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." (Mic. 7:8) Never lose hope and always trust and believe that the Lord can work the miracle and change an individual who is willing to make a new commitment.

Monday, March 13

More on Happiness

She asks, "When you get to work in the morning, is it where you want to be? And when you go home at night, is that where you feel good and safe? Being able to answer yes to both questions is the key to happiness and success.

Happiness begins on the inside and radiates on the outside. Happy people are confident and are excellent leaders! Most individuals are drawn to happy people. If you find yourself having moody, desolate days, you need to check your happiness barometer. Life is too short to be unhappy.