Tuesday, October 17

To My Mother-in-Law

I just received an e-mail from the world's best mother-in-law. Thanks, Mom for letting me know that you appreciate my blog. And by the way, I am blessed to have a Mom like you. You are a pillar of strength, and I always enjoy sharing Sheldon stories with you. I only wish the distance was not so vast. We think about you and Dad often. We love you!!!

Monday, October 2

It's Starting to Feel Like Home

It has taken a great deal of time, but one year later, our humble abode is beginning to look like a home! We built bookshelves (well, Mark did) and cleaned closets! We have pictures, shelves, and new accenting candles. It was a lot of fun simply staying home and decorating.

Oh, and I have to mention that September 6, 2006 officially marked our one-year pastoral anniversary. On this momentous occasion, we were honored to receive a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants and a beautiful scrapbook. We also reflected on the last year as we viewed a marvelous video presentation. A great deal of personal change has commenced, but we are excited to be a part of a revival church!