Tuesday, February 16

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Silly moments happen everyday. We just need to take time to capture the moment.

Friday, February 12

Recommending A Great Book - Love & War By John and Stasi Eldrige

The book Love & War (Finding the Marriage You've Dreamed Of) by John and Stasi Eldredge is a fabulous. If you desire to see a meaningful change in your marriage, this book is for you. Your marriage is so important and that is why it is essential to take time to read books that will offer a myriad of great advice. You will be empowered with great ideas and tools to help create a stronger marriage.

The following is a passage from this wonderful book, "God uses marriages to bring us the possibility of the deepest joys in life; Satan tries to use it for destruction. Without you, your spouse will not become the man or woman that God intends him or her to be and the Kingdom of God will not advance as it is meant to advance. Your spouse plays the most vital role in your life. You play the most critical role in your spouse's life. No one will have a greater impact on your spouse's soul than you."

The time to make a change in your marriage is now. The investment will cost you some time, energy, and thoughtfulness, but you will reap great dividends! So do not wait any longer, get going and start reading this book. Your spouse will thank you for it!

P.S. You may visit the following site to purchase the book.

Friday, February 5

Sheldon & Grandma 1
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Looking over pictures today, and this one made me smile. So thankful for Grandma!