Wednesday, May 19

The Salsa Fox

Spending time with friends is always fun. Just the other night we decided to have Kathy and Ariel over for dinner. The menu was simplistic: the best grilled hamburgers, chips, salsa and guacamole.

As I was putting the finishing spices on the the guacamole, I thought it could use a little more salsa. So, I shook the container only to realize all too late that the lid was not screwed on. What a surprise as I watched salsa swiftly splash on the floor and graciously splatter the bookshelf. Gasp! I know, my first reaction was that of total shock. It was about 6:20 and my friends were about to arrive in less than ten minutes. Hmm, what to do: meltdown or laugh.

Thankfully, the right attitude trumped, and I promptly began the process of cleaning up the spill. I even thought about doing a little jig on top of this red, gooey mess, but thought better of it as the idea of tomatoes between my toes was not too appealing.

The Bible talks about not allowing those little foxes to spoil the vine. And thankfully, the "Salsa Fox" did not hinder my evening! Sometimes you simply have to enjoy life's surprises and try to maintain the right attitude. I could have become upset and quite possibly my sour attitude would have ruined the whole evening for everyone.

I am glad to report that we had an enjoyable evening, and I am still smiling over the lovely faded new spot that I have on my carpet that will always remind of the night I chose to laugh instead of cry. Hmm, I think new carpet may be in order though.