Thursday, October 13

A Word of Encouragement

For the last week, I have been responding to various ads in the paper. I even had one interview. With each passing day, I found myself becoming a little more anxious. I know it has only been a week, but it seems as if the response has been a bit slow. I believe that God can speak to an individual through any avenue He deems appropriate. For some it may be a word of encouragement. Maybe you read your Bible and a particular scripture arrested your attention. Today, the following words captivated my attention: "You may be feeling the pressure and heat of your problems.  You may not be able to see the hands of God through the billowing smoke of your situation. He can see you and He's calling out for you to have faith in Him.  So prayerfully jump into His faithful hands; He's there and will catch and hold you in your most desperate of situations." Yes, these words were definitely a confirmation to me that I simply need to trust God, for He knows what I need.

Wednesday, October 12

Good Ground

For the last two weeks, I have noticed a particular construction site. The vast trucks are watering the ground and also using what looks like tractors with huge rollers on the front. From what I can make of the roller trucks, it looks as if the truck is flattening the ground. I also noted a small hill with discarded rocks. This morning, however, I noticed how smooth and perfect the ground looked.

This scenery reminded me an individual's heart. It takes painstaking work to insure that one's heart is free from unnecessary rocks. Rocks are a hinderance and prevent the Word of God from falling on good ground. You have a duty to keep digging the rocks out of your life. If you fail to repent on a daily basis, it won't be long before something insignificant will continue to fester until it becomes a stumbling block. Hence, remove the small stuff before it causes problems in your life!

What Once Looked Like a Mountain . . . .

Last night, my husband had me listen to a song. As we listened to this magnificent song sung by Priscilla McGruder, tears came to our eyes. Here are the words:

"Today I faced a mountain that I have no strength to climb, and the struggle of this journey has left me weak both in body and in mind. Where I stand to the peak is a distance on my own I cannot reach. So, this journey of a thousand steps begins right here on my knees.

Soon I'll soar like an eagle high on wings of grace. Far into the heavens where I can almost see God's face. Rising in His splendor to heights I never knew. What once looked like a mountain is just a hill from heaven's point of view.

I may face things tomorrow I can't comprehend today. Circumstances so uncertain make it hard to find the strength to pray, but I'm living in the promise I'll never leave you. I will always see you through. So what's this mountain to an eagle flying high from heaven's point of view."

Friend, I have been there. There was once a gargantuan mountain in my life that depleted me of my strength. I experienced the bitter sting of disappointment. And I had to begin the journey of trust right on my knees. Thankfully, my mountain, viewed from my heavenly Father's eyes, was just a hill! "And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness...." (2 Cor. 12:9) I am so thankful for a faithful Friend who is watching over me.