Friday, April 27

Strength To Make It Through Another Day

The Stones
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God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect. (2Sam. 22:33)

Are you leaning on those everlasting arms that engulf you and give you strength to make it through another day? Daily activities can sometimes zap your much needed energy and strength, but I am thankful for "old fashioned fellowship." There is something envigorating when we can sit together and enjoy the company of those around us! I am grateful for the wonderul ladies at the Pentecostals of O.C. I believe that each precious moment we spend together praying is denfinitely uniting us, and the fellowship afterwards is refreshing.

Monday, April 23

That's My Little Man

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I just had to post this adorable picture of Sheldon. He is growing up so fast.

Every Piece Is Important

Lego Plane
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For the past month Sheldon has talked about wanting a Star Wars Lego set. As parents it is our pleasure to do something special for our children. So, we bought the Lego set, and mom knew it was her responsibility to put it together. When I opened the box, I honestly thought I could complete the set in an hour. After about 30 minutes, my frustration got the best of me, and I informed Sheldon that I would have to complete it the next day. He was a great trooper. Monday rolled around, and I still did not have it completed. To make a long story short, it was not until Thursday that I actually completed the intricate set! What I want to capitalize on is this one statement, "Is that piece important?"

My response to Sheldon's question was, "Yes, Sheldon, every piece is important. If one piece is missing, it will hinder us from being able to properly complete the set." I definitely learned that every intricate piece must fit at just the precise spot. Sure, I could have used my imagination and built something else, but the intent of this set was to build a spaceship, and nothing short of this outcome was going to satisfy Sheldon. For you see, he had great plans for this spaceship.

Peoples' talents are much like the tiny pieces of a Lego set. Each personal talent that you behold represents an intricate piece of a mosaic puzzle that affects the many facets of your life. For instance, at work you may have specialized knowledge in a particular field. It is this knowledge that people depend on. As a leader in your church, it is your passion that causes you to experience an intense desire to serve in a particular area. For one individual, it may be greeting guests with an exuberant smile and a heartfelt welcome. For another, it is his ability to teach home Bible studies or a sunday school class. Regardless of your talent or passion, always remember that you are an essential part of a team. No matter how minute you may think your talent is, do not be fooled into thinking that you are not important. "He found him out in the wilderness, in an empty, windswept wasteland. He threw his arms around him, lavished attention on him, guarding him as the apple of his eye." (Duet. 32:10, The Message Bible.) Can you see that you are the apple of His eye. You must remember that God has a perfect plan for your life.

Monday, April 9

Amazing Grace

My friend Linda kindly gave me a perfumed salt scrub called Amazing Grace. As I was reading the description of the salt scrub, I also noted the following quote, "If you had only one day to live how would you spend it? Would you smile or frown? Watch the sunrise or watch T.V.? Take a walk or take a nap? Say I love you or say you don't care? Consider this . . . you aren't guaranteed tomorrow so treasure this day as if its not your last but the best day you will ever own."

That's quite a quote. I believe I'll endeavor to make every day count!

Saturday, April 7

Just A Brag Moment

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We are proud of Sheldon. This year he is making great strides as he endeavors to conquer new math and writing concepts. We have spent a great deal of time practicing math facts, writing paragraphs, and reading stories. His diligent efforts are paying off.
Sheldon received a STAR Award for improvement in writing. His favorite teacher, Mrs. Mulligan, said, "Sheldon has shown amazing improvment in the last month in the area of writing. I can see that he has been putting forth his best efforts in this subject, and that he is determined to succeed. He has shown outstanding effort in that he never gives up and is constantly striving to do his best! Keep up the good work Sheldon."

Sheldon, we love you, and we are proud of you.